Apple’s iPhone Vehicle Integration – Find My Car?



Apple is finally finding it’s way into vehicle integration.  Not necessarily in the fashion of an iCar that Steve Jobs once envisioned, but instead through means of wireless communications that car manufactures have started to include in their vehicles, such as Bluetooth.  The picture below is one that Patently Apple found, showing the use of an iPhone to communicate with your car.


Presumably, there would be features such as a Find My Car, less we forget where we parked our car at the store.  Other features may follow those of Ford MyKey, allowing you to include parental controls on your teenagers vehicle, such as Geofencing (allowing them to only drive so far and in certain areas), Time Limits (so that you may allow them to drive during the day, but not past a certain time), and even Maximum Speeds.

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This seems to be a much better fit for Apple’s iPhone, rather than trying to build their own iCar.  The idea of vehicle integration helps create even more brand loyalty for their customer base, making the iPhone an even bigger part of their everyday lives.  So even if the teenager really wanted that new Android device, mom might decide that having them carry around an iPhone instead, allows for them to better monitor their teenagers activities and driving habits.

And most car manufactures realize that integrated technologies are very important to new car buyers, so you can be assured that this is a trend that will continue to grow.

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